Consultation Materials

As a specialist team within a full service agency, we work hand in hand with our in-house graphic and digital designers.

This allows us to produce quality consultation materials in a cost-effective and time efficient manner, whilst also ensuring the tone and approach is exactly what our clients require.

All materials, whether in print or on the web, are designed to spread the key messages about the plans and the consultation exercise, with websites featuring digital response mechanisms and all consultation brochures containing a freepost comments card.

We provide the full suite of consultation tools and methods, with various techniques used at key stages of the planning process to secure maximum impact, including committee member briefing notes, advertorials and press releases.

We’ll also collate all consultation feedback, analyse and report on it, and produce Statements of Community Involvement for the application submission, showing support levels and how comments have informed the development proposals.

  • Exhibition boards
  • Consultation brochures
  • Websites
  • Leaflets, posters and flyers
  • Comments cards
  • Stakeholder briefing packs
  • Letters and emailers
  • Press releases, adverts and advertorials
  • Statements of Community Involvement/Public Consultation Statements