Consultation Events

Choose Gough Bailey Wright to arrange and manage your public exhibition.

From venues and bookings to event promotion and team briefings, we’ll handle everything so you can turn up on the day and engage with local stakeholders and residents in front of your proposals.

Our in-house studio and trusted print partners will ensure your display materials are exciting and cost-effective, helping to inform and inspire the community and generate support for your plans.

We’ll prepare the team to speak to residents, ensuring every member is fully informed and briefed on appropriate responses to technical and sometimes emotional questions from local people, including those that welcome your plans and those with legitimate (or otherwise) concerns.

In addition, we have lots of experience with user groups, workshops and public meetings, as well as delivering exhibitions that work across public events, websites and printed consultation brochures.

  • Public exhibitions
  • Stakeholder previews
  • User Group sessions
  • Workshops
  • Public meetings