Just like your upcoming construction project, choosing the right tools for the job is key to a successful outcome.

Pro-active communications such as letters, leaflets and flyers, will ensure residents in sight and/or earshot of your development know what’s happening, what phases are coming next and where to go for further information.

At Gough Bailey Wright, we produce and provide everything you will need for your communications programme and we’ll work with you to agree which methods and processes suit your project, your audience and your budget.

Everything from copywriting, graphic design and digital production will be handled in-house, whilst clients also benefit from our trusted print and distribution partners.

As a full service PR and marketing agency, we cover everything from traditional letter writing to project websites, as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts. We also handle all the media relations, school visits, event management and stakeholder engagement.

Our experience also extends to the day-to-day interaction with individual residents and neighbours, dealing with questions, concerns and complaints. We set up phone lines, knock doors if needed and staff on-site information stations for residents to drop in at their leisure.

We’ll uphold yours and your future operator’s values in all our dealings with the public, working to address issues swiftly and efficiently via face to face contact and our information Freephone lines.

  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • News stories
  • Social media
  • Information Freephones
  • Hoarding artwork and graphics
  • School visits
  • Public meetings
  • On-site information stations
  • Stakeholder engagement